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[edit] Best Practices Wiki

Human progress is directly linked to the spread of ideas. Human progress can be accelerated by improved access of all individuals and organizations to best practices – those methods or techniques that have consistently shown superior results.

The world functions increasingly through for profit, not-for profit, governmental and quasi-governmental organizations of many types and sizes. The vast majority of organizations are small; unsophisticated and lack resources, comparable to larger organizations, to operate effectively and efficiently to achieve their missions. In the US there are 6 million for profit companies and 1.5 million non-profits and over 80% have less than 20 employees. There are an additional 21 million self-employed entrepreneurs in the US. Many of these small organizations fail, struggle to grow or underperform their potential.

Worldwide small companies and organizations constitute an even larger share of their economies and job creation than they do in the US. Human progress is dependent on these small organizations succeeding and functioning optimally.

Best practices are constantly being created and refined in all fields and industries. Knowledge and access to these best practices and related resources would allow individuals and organizations to accomplish more with less resources, improve the lives of people and accelerate human progress.

The mission of the Best Practices Wiki is to make best practices and resources available to individuals and organizations – freely, easily and comprehensively – in one central repository. The Best Practices Wiki is designed to be a trustworthy source where users can easily and quickly find best practices and resources at the summary or detail level as needed.

Best Practices Wiki System

[edit] Best Practices Wiki non-profit

The Best Practices Wiki is a project of the Best Practices Wiki non-profit. The project is funded by donors and made possible by volunteers and content contributors.

[edit] How can I contribute to Best Practices?

If you want to add contents to Best Practices Wiki, but don't know how, have a look at our Help section. Here we explain how simple it is to add data to Best Practices Wiki - best practice methods, articles, case studies, citations and other resources.

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