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There are many specialized best practices websites that catalogue best practices for specific types of organizations or specific work area of activity.

One example of a best practices website with a specific type of organization focus is the website, Library Success: A Best Practices Wiki, that has compiled best practices for libraries. An example of a best practices website that has a specific work area focus is the, Project Management Hut, that has a compilation of best practices related to project management.

Readers should note that the Best Practices Wiki simply catalogues and provides this information, does not evaluate these sites, promote these sites or comment on their missions. Some sites are pure non-profit organizations. Some are non-profits that sell or promote services. Some are for profits sites. Some are governmental sponsored sites.

Some websites listed here have as a primary focus best practices. Others have best practices as one of many functions of their websites.


[edit] List of Best Practices Websites

[edit] Small Business

Best Practices for Business - a repository and blog of business best practices

MicroMentor - Free resource: Connecting entrepreneurs with business mentors operated by the humanitarian nonprofit Mercy Corps

Small Business Administration - SBA - US government website of information and resources for small businesses

Baldridge Excellence Program - program for performance excellence of organizations

FastTrac Entrepreneur Education - Kauffman Foundations sponsored website provides entrepreneurship education

Startup Nation - information and resources free and fee based for starting, growing and funding a small business

Wicked Start - free and fee based services; downloadable materials and informational blog

Business Owner's Toolkit - free small business resources - startup, marketing, finance, running a business, office and HR and Tax Center

Businessballs - free ethical learning and development resources for people and organizations - online collection of learning and development ideas

SCORE - nonprofit association of 13,000 volunteers that advise small businesses through 348 chapters in the US - website includes tools, templates and tips; also provides free workshops, mentoring and webinars.

Principles of Entrepreneurship - series of free downloadable documents on entrepreneurship, "a primer"

Harvard Business Review Blog Network - Best Practices - best practices blog from a variety of authors

[edit] Nonprofit

Foraker Group - best practices, tools and assistance for Alaska nonprofits

501 Commons -best practices, tools and services for State of Washington nonprofits

[edit] Single Area

Library Success: A Best Practices Wiki - best practices wiki for great ideas and information for all types of librarians

UN Habitat-Best Practices and Local Leadership Programme - 4,000 documented and peer-reviewed best practices for sustainable development from 140 countries - The Best Practices and Local Leadership Programme (BLP) is a global network of institutions dedicated to the identification and exchange of successful solutions for sustainable development.

SERC-Best Practices In Education - a Connecticut nonprofit agency providing professional development and information, research and best practices on public education

IETF-Request for Comment-RFC best practices - Internet Engineering Task Force focused on operations of the internet

Project Management Hut - largest database of categorized Project Management articles and best practices

Stack Overflow - Q&A site for programmers

Project for Public Spaces - "places, not spaces" best practices, principles, resources on community places

American Marketing Association: Best Practices AMA's Best Practices are primers on core marketing topics, shared by our partners, or written for AMA by industry experts.

[edit] General Best Practices

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