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Customer Retention

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The best customers are the ones that already use your product. Here are some simple things you can do to keep the customers you already have and make them super users.


[edit] Say hello

Say Hello to Your Customers.

People feel welcomed and are more likely to buy from you. Starbucks and Walmart train their employees to do this. This seriously does work - even on the web (with a personalized email).

[edit] Friendly email

Send them a friendly email that will help them out on a regular basis (weekly or monthly).

Tips on ways to improve their business or get more friends, etc. Twitter/Facebook are really good at this. So is Salesforce and Intuit. They get someone to help you with the onboarding process.

[edit] Customer importance

Make the customer feel important.

Something magical should happen when they enter your site. Find the product they are looking for right away, new comments, more sales, etc.

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[edit] Other Resources

  • Jeremy Kolb, Author of “The Big Data Revolution”, notes a new best practice for customer retention that segments customers based on behavior data into different groups. From there it works to increase activity and sales based on past customers and testing. If you want to learn more about it check out this article: "What Higher Education Teaches us about Data-Driven Customer Retention"

[edit] Author

The author of this article is Rishi Shah .

Rishi Shah is the CEO of Digioh that develops add-ons for Email Marketing and CRM software companies.

He is a 500 Startups Mentor in the Bay Area.

He is the founder of Flying Cart, for creating an online store.

Rishi maintains a blog called Getting More Awesome that focuses on:

  • Web marketing strategies
  • Tips on finding customers
  • Inspirational case studies

You can download his free eBook: "10 Paying Customers in 10 Days"

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