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Employee Retention

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Dr. ToddHarris’s research has identified 10 specific tactics that can minimize employee flight risk in a resurgent economy, and help to ensure happier and more productive employees. Here’s a brief summary of each retention tactic:

  • Be Strategic—Identify the talent pools within your organization that are most critical to your future success;
  • Work the Data—Measure and analyze potential drivers of employee turnover; be sure to look at both internal and external factors;
  • Hire Right—Make sure you have a process in place to hire people with the requisite knowledge, skills and abilities to be successful in a given job;
  • ‘Embed’ Your Employees—Foster a workplace environment that allows employees to develop a rich and satisfying professional relationship with co-workers;
  • Check Early Interactions—Give new employees clear and ongoing support from the beginning, and check in regularly to ensure that they’re gaining traction;
  • Pay Attention to High Risk Groups—Some employees are a greater flight risk than others; give special attention to them;
  • Identify Growth Opportunities—Superior growth and development opportunities can reduce turnover; make sure the each employee has a professional development plan;
  • Develop Great Leaders—Managers play a key role in employee retention; make sure that your managers foster employee commitment;
  • Monitor Employee Satisfaction—Regularly monitor employee satisfaction, by both quantitative and qualitative means;
  • Work on Job Design—Design jobs to promote interdependence, feedback from others, social support, and interaction with those outside of the organization.

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[edit] Resources

  • Wikipedia page on Wikipedia:Employee Retention discusses various theories, models, tools and best practices (several are also cited above).

[edit] Author

Dr. Todd Harris, Director of Research at PI Worldwide.

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