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Lessons to Build Effective Leaders

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In my experience and observations the best way to build a successful organization is to focus on building your people. These 100 lessons focus on the best practices to build your people and grow a successful organization whether it is a business, nonprofit or government organization.

Legend has it that Ernest Hemingway was challenged by some friends to write a story in six words. He responded to the challenge with the following story: For sale: baby shoes, never worn. Hemingway has inspired the Six-Word Lesson series of books.

"Six-Word Lessons to Build Effective Leaders: 100 Lessons to Equip Your People to Create Winning Organizations" is part of this six word lesson series published by Pacelli Publishing.

These brief and highly condensed best practices are for busy leaders and managers who just want the essence of the ideas now.....and maybe more information later.


[edit] Hire and Retain the Best People

[edit] Motivate Employees with Mission and Purpose

[edit] Power Your Organization with Effective Communications

[edit] Bake Trust into Your Organizational DNA

[edit] Empower Everyone in the Organization

[edit] Teach the Art of Effective Delegation

[edit] Mentor, Train and Coach Your Team

[edit] Build Winning Teams at All Levels

[edit] Create a Powerful Culture of Change

[edit] Focus Leaders on Effectiveness not Efficiency

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