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Managing Vendors

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Best practices for managing vendors and integrating their products for a single project include:

  1. Write a tight specification. Do not consider outsourcing until you have a solid, well defined definition of what you require internally among the users.
  2. Complete the specification asking for performance and demonstration exhibits from the bidders. Award on the basis of best value and past performance, not on lowest price.
  3. Write a tight contract and include the specification as a performance parameter together with a payment milestone plan based on achieving the specification. Pay only on the basis of successful completion of milestones.
  4. If the supplier wants more funds, insist he or she demonstrate the work being performed is outside the contract and the specification and carefully consider whether or not the new effort is necessary.
  5. Make sure the supplier understands the above baseline management principles and have he or she sign the contract.

[edit] Author

The author of this article is Ken Larson.

Ken Larson has over 40 years experience in the Defense Industrial Complex.

He is a Veteran with two tours with the US Army in Vietnam. Subsequently, he spent over 30 years in federal government program and contract management and 10 years in small business consulting.

Ken is a Micro Mentor Volunteer Counselor and assists many small businesses with their planning and operations processes. Small business owners or prospective owners can locate free services through a background search at the Micro Mentor Web Site.

Ken receives and handles many inquiries from small companies wishing to enter or enhance their position in federal government contracting.

Jen volunteers his time, books, articles, and resources which are 100% free through Micro Mentor and his blog.

Ken maintains a blog on SMALL BUSINESS FEDERAL GOVERNMENT CONTRACTING (SBFGC) to help small business succeed in the federal government market.//

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