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[edit] Purpose

This is a quick reference resource directory for nonprofits. It is annotated to help nonprofits know what resources exist and what those resources are. There is either a link to a Best Practices Wiki page with more detailed information or a direct link to the resource website. This is not comprehensive and there are many local resources that are available for nonprofits.

[edit] National Resources

  • Board Source - BoardSource provides its members resources, services and expertise on governance practices of nonprofits on a fee basis. Free Community Resources are available in downloadable PDFs listed by board of director topic areas.
  • CompassPoint is a national, nonprofit leadership and strategy practice based in Oakland, CA. For over 40 years, we have strengthened nonprofit leadership and supported organizations and movement networks to adapt and operate strategically. We also collaborate with fellow capacity builders and regularly share research and tools with the field at large. We invite you to review our theory of change to learn more about our stance and approach to this work. In short, we view leadership development and capacity building as means to accelerating social justice. We work best with leaders and organizations who see their work in a social justice context and have a commitment to continuous reflection and adaptation.
  • 4Good - 4Good is an online collaboration community for social impact and doing good. 4Good is designed to strengthen nonprofits organizations and social enterprises by giving them a network of like-minded professionals and a wide variety of resources. There are both free and paid for materials and services.
  • IRS OnLine Report Filing - File IRS 990 online is a simplified and easy way for small tax-exempt nonprofits to file their annual IRS report. The service is free for nonprofits with less than $100,000 annual receipts and $35 t0 $175 for larger organizations that qualify for online filing.
  • Idealist Job Website - is a job website that matches work opportunities – jobs, internships and volunteers – for organizations and people. Used heavily by nonprofit, government and social enterprise organizations. Idealist maintains an HR Blog with view on the nonprofit HR world.

[edit] State Non-profit Associations

Examples of the 36 state nonprofit associations are:

  • Foraker Group - Alaska - The Foraker Group is an Alaskan organization assisting nonprofits through high-quality, cost-effective assistance to staff and boards of directors through Shared Services, Organizational Development and Educational Opportunities.
  • 501 Commons-Washington- 501 Commons is a Washington State organization that provides programs, services, training and resources to support and build nonprofit capacity.

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